Face Rig regarget to BVH/FBX face animation

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Face Rig regarget to BVH/FBX face animation

Post by Nick3d » 05 May 2013, 21:13

Hello there,
I'm using a custom Face Rig to create custom animation based on custom facial animations, so I'm using FBX/BVH files from another software.
Is a bit a pain each time I import the FBX/BVH files into Softimage to do the retarget of head null corrispondent to the controllers on the face rig.

I would like to create something similar to the Tag Rig function that you find under Animate > Tools > Motor, which allows me to do create a template of each null correspondent to the facerobot null controller, and later save it in order to re-use it when I'mm import the FBX/BVH files again

Do you have any idea how to accomplish that?

PS: Nulls from the FBX/BVH files have always the same name, and I'm goind to use the same face rigged model to do the animations, so the names are the same each time I import the files