3D skeleton chains vs 2D chains

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3D skeleton chains vs 2D chains

Post by curly » 03 Apr 2011, 09:51


Is it not a lot easier to animate a rig with 3D skeleton chains -> in terms of speed in setting up poses -> then to animate a rig using a 2D chain.
You can later correct in another animation layer any unwanted bending in the knees. Using Up vector constraints it should be no big deal to correct bending in unwanted directions.

My guess is that it will speed up posing a lot.

Short topic title this time :)

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Re: 3D skeleton chains vs 2D chains

Post by Rork » 03 Apr 2011, 12:59

I'm not a rigger perse, but both chains have their uses. And basically the root of a 2D chain is a 'ball joint'.

I think all 3D chains in a (biped) rig can cause some serious troubles in the end, but that's me.
Maybe some riggers can help out here.
Also, maybe someone can help moving this discussion into the ICE realm, where cool stuff is happening too.

I'm 'old school' regarding rigging, if it works, don't change it unless you're sure it will really help doing it differently :-B

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