Welcome to "www.si-community.com"

Some hints concerning usage of this site
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Welcome to "www.si-community.com"

Post by owei » 08 Jun 2009, 18:46

Nice to have you here..!

Please refer to our RULES and read them carefully. We want this to be a nice place to go for anyone using SOFTIMAGE.
For those people who are interested in being part of the development, don´t hesitate to send a PM to the site admin.
People who are interested in being a moderator: feel free to send a PM to the site admin.

As this site is in BETA you might report technical problems not already mentioned in the "known issues&to do" thread. They are to be reported to me, please.

We hope, that this place will be able to re-establish some of the losses of the past weeks ;)

best regards,
the "www.si-community.com"-team