"too common words" fix (new search backend)

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"too common words" fix (new search backend)

Post by Hirazi Blue » 02 Jul 2012, 16:09

As many of you will probably have noticed, the si-community suffered from an extremely annoying problem with our search backend. As we had the blocking of common words enabled, many of the typical Softimage related common words like “compound” or even “Softimage” got blocked by the search backend for being too common. There was a nifty workaround by rray using wildcards to get around this problem. But it wasn’t pretty…
So now we’ve switched to a new search backend (as is the case so often the answer was staring us in the face). We'll now be using "Fulltext mysql" as a search backend. You might experience a slight change in behaviour, but there shouldn’t be anymore “too common words” making search impossible. The main thing that really has changed is the fact that you now can only use search terms of 4 letters or more, instead of 3, so searching for "ICE" is still out of the question, sadly…


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