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smartphone access - Tapatalk

Post by Hirazi Blue » 25 Jun 2012, 10:44

In an attempt to get up to date with current technology, the si-community now offers the possibility to access our forums using smartphones through the Tapatalk app, available through This app should enable you a more convenient surfing experience on a smartphone when visiting this site. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, but it’s NOT free. Therefore it is essential to note the following:
- Use of the Tapatalk app should be considered as being “unsupported”, we don’t have any influence on its functioning on our side. Any technical queries should be directed at the support forum of the app itself (
- As of result of it being “unsupported”, the si-community reserves the right to remove this functionality with any further notice and if we do, you cannot claim any refunds for your purchase of the Tapatalk app from us.

The si-community is not affiliated in any way with the developer of Tapatalk (Quoord Systems Limited) and offers the option to use the Tapatalk app on this forum “as is”.

In other words: feel free to buy the app if you want to use it for the si-community, but beware that we are in no way liable for your purchase of the app. If we disable this functionality at any point in the future, do not ask us for a refund for the app…

One of our “beta-testers”, rray had the following to add:
Tapatalk offers options for posting (with images), PM support, Android tray notifications for subscribed threads and PMs.

Drawbacks compared to web.. some formatting lost like lists, no flash support (meaning no inline vimeo/youtube), and all pictures will be downscaled to a low resolution.
Special thanks goes to rray and gustavoeb for testing this and to origin for bringing this up in the first place and testing it as well…

PS I wanted to add two screenshots taken by rray, but the forum software doesn't seem to want me to...