quixer megascan displacement map

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quixer megascan displacement map

Post by nicole » 04 Aug 2019, 16:13

hello PBR Softimage Community!


so i am now using Megascan's "mixer" to texture my geometry.

of course mixer is PBR but nevertheless i am using it with Mental Ray (all my shaders in this movie are in mental ray)
to do it all artistic (non-photorealistic) texturing, and this works well, except for working with displacement maps:

my question: i am wondering if there are people using either Megascan mixer or Substance Painter/Designer
who use displacement maps and could advise me on the
most useful settings
for exporting displacement maps from mixer or substance,
or the useful tips
upon importing displacement maps in Softimage 2015?

i notice the following after learning from 3 video tutorials appearing on first google search "displacement map softimage":

My geometry is rectilinear & very simple cubes, when i modify Subdivision levels on this Tab:
Properties>Geometry Approximation>PolygonMesh =Subdivision >OGL Level > Render Level

this Totally Changes TOO much the geometry
I as well use the Scalar Change Range with very tiny number like -0,015 +0,015 but again the Geometry changes too much, even if i don't touch OGL and Render Level

Is it possible in Softimage to apply Displacement Maps on such Rectilinear Simple Cubes or do Displacement Maps only work with Subdivided Geometries?
I am asking as the google videos apply it to a heavily subdivided mesh .

Thank You