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m|CameraFOVAuthor: Martin Yara
From the plugin demo video mCameraFOV: Softimage: A simple script to change FOV values. You can convert Maya Focal Length or ZBrush Field of View Diagonal to Softimage Field of View Horizontal / Vertical. It is only for Softimage(*), but the converter function code is pure Python, so it can be easily applied to any Python compatible software as long as you create a GUI.

Installation: Copy this file into your Plugins Directory, Ex: %USERPROFILE%AutodeskSoftimage_2015ApplicationPlugins Or your Workgroup Plugins Directory. You'll find a button called [mCamera FOV] in your Get > Primitive > Camera menu.

(*) Since then, Martin wrote mCameraFOV: Maya.

local backup: (script) (copy to a Plugins folder)

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Camera FOV

Post by myara » 16 Dec 2015, 09:29

Simple script to match Softimage camera's FOV to other software FOV settings.

Since Maya uses Focus Length, and ZBrush uses Field of View Diagonal, and Softimage uses Field of View Horizontal (or Vertical) it isn't easy to match the camera settings manually. Now you can do it with a few clicks.

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Re: Camera FOV

Post by rray » 22 Apr 2016, 20:13

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