PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

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PolyMesh DuplicatorAuthor: Nassos Yiannopoulos
V1.2.1 Nassos' recreation of Guillaume Laforge's addon (see video). Creates multiple procedural copies of a mesh which can be accessed from an ICE tree. Just like Houdini's Copy/Duplicate SOP. See video tutorial on vimeo, and for more details see the si-community discussion link.

local backup: PolyMeshDuplicator1.2.1.zip

Zafar Iqbal
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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by Zafar Iqbal » 08 Mar 2012, 04:57

Seems to work fine here on 2012, although my SI crashed while trying to render 600 cubes. Meh.

The cubes form a wall and I want to texture each side differently. I can add materials to the different sides, but whenever theres a movement, the cube being affected by it gets all the materials reset to just a single one. Could be my lack of knowledge of ICE but what am I missing here?

Edit: Added a single material and a UV projection. The UV isn't following the polys at all but instead looks like what a camera projection does (if you by accident move the projecting camera).
- Zafar Iqbal

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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by Eugen » 19 Nov 2013, 13:53

Hi, thanks for the plugin!
Still no UV support? Do we have an alternative in the meantime?