PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

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PolyMesh DuplicatorAuthor: Nassos Yiannopoulos
V1.2.1 Nassos' recreation of Guillaume Laforge's addon (see video). Creates multiple procedural copies of a mesh which can be accessed from an ICE tree. Just like Houdini's Copy/Duplicate SOP. See video tutorial on vimeo, and for more details see the si-community discussion link.

local backup: PolyMeshDuplicator1.2.1.zip

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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by rasskass » 04 May 2010, 14:54


Great addon! Im still a beginner in Softimage and especially ICE but have a question for the addon. In houdini I used the copy sop alot to create facade studies (i'm an architect) with variations within the components. I have tow questions that the addon might are able to help me with:

1. How do i create a pointcloud from a object where the points are at the centerpoint of each face?

2. How do i duplicate a new component onto the pointcloud using the facenormal to allign the duplicates to the surfaces curvature?

Have attached a simple description picture

Is this possible and if so how? Hope someone are able to help. trying to convince my office that ICE is just as capable as Houdini for designing parametric facades for our projects.
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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by dwigfor » 05 May 2010, 02:58

This might be more for what you are interested in. http://www.vimeo.com/5785239

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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by chris3d » 13 Aug 2010, 18:03

if you have high pointcounts you´ll get some rounding errors and the mesh will screw up slightly.
to avoid that you could change the init copyID.
before you do the divide you should multiply both inputs by a very high value ( eg 1mio, depends on you polycount)
do the divide in scalar and round it afterwards ...

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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by Helli » 28 Jan 2011, 11:02

First of all, thank you for the plugin.

Sadly Helges mt_ice instancer is not working anymore so I used your plugin which is doing almost the same.

Worked nicley in Softimage 2011 SP1, only one feature is heavily missing. Is it possible to copy the texture supports from the ice instances to the generated mesh ?

For now I wrote a script to create a texture projection for every polyong island. At least for my case thats enough.

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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by Zafar Iqbal » 08 Mar 2012, 04:57

Seems to work fine here on 2012, although my SI crashed while trying to render 600 cubes. Meh.

The cubes form a wall and I want to texture each side differently. I can add materials to the different sides, but whenever theres a movement, the cube being affected by it gets all the materials reset to just a single one. Could be my lack of knowledge of ICE but what am I missing here?

Edit: Added a single material and a UV projection. The UV isn't following the polys at all but instead looks like what a camera projection does (if you by accident move the projecting camera).
- Zafar Iqbal

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Re: PolyMesh Duplicator v1.2.1

Post by Eugen » 19 Nov 2013, 13:53

Hi, thanks for the plugin!
Still no UV support? Do we have an alternative in the meantime?