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Blob StrokesAuthor: Anto Matkovic
Here's a small ICE compound used to generate these 'blob-strokes'. I had something like this before, but I really wasn't so excited by the speed of generation. Now with 3delight, it's definitely feasible, updates are performed immediately. The compound creates particles on curve list, evenly distributed, count is relative to particular sub-curve length (still, you'll need to take care of curve re-parametrization). It's also able to perform 'write on' on one-after-another subcurve (by sub-curve, or normalized by sub-curve length). In short, you can 'draw' 3d strokes with it, by animating the slider value. There are a few additional parameters. [..] contd. under si-community link

local backup: Emit Blobs From CurveList.xsicompound
3DelightAuthor: dna research
v4.0.41 updated Feb 21st 2015. 3Delight is a fast, high quality, RenderMan®-compliant renderer designed to produce photo-realistic images in demanding production environments. The renderer was introduced to the public in the year 2000 after being used for more than a year as the sole renderer in a sister production company. It is now widely used and earning a reputation as a benchmark in rendering technology. [..] (cont'd on product page)

DNA research recently released the 4.0.41 upgrade along with making the free license now support up to 8-core CPUs. Highlights from the changelog: Volumetric Smoke and Shards Any shader as light source projection Exposure, Gamma Controls Mesh Light support ESC to stop render. Last year's big 4.0 update introduced features such as: support for deep EXR files Native MARI textures support Improved sampling of environment maps Added the physically plausible 3Delight Material "Continuous rendering" is now enabled by default Up to x2 acceleration in hair/fur rendering Memory usage is down 30% when using the path tracer Skin shader for 3Delight for Softimage Motion Map property is now supported

A list of movie project rendered with the 3Delight renderer. As mentioned the product is free of charge for the first 8-core license. Additional quad-core licenses are available for 400$ each and unlimited multi-core licenses for 900$ each. Yearly support and updates 190$/290$ resp.

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Re: 3delight tests

Post by anhungxadieu » 01 Dec 2015, 05:55

hi there,

i try to learn 3delight in this tutorial(link below), but i have no luck .Anyone who already familiar with 3delight can help me do a simple start with it.
https://3delight.atlassian.net/wiki/dis ... +Softimage

what i want is how i can do like this guy in this movie. I don't know how to registy a shader :(
https://3delight.atlassian.net/wiki/dow ... 930&api=v2

Thank for your attention!