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Mirror FaceRobot RigAuthor: Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos
This script mirrors any selected FaceRobot control. The initialization string for the lookup table used in the script was built using the second script.

local backup: MirrorPose_Apply_02.py MirrorPoseBuildingLibrary_02.py (lookup building script)
pb_EnvelopeByDistanceAuthor: Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos
Creates a flexible envelope based on the points' distances to nulls with control over falloff/shape/radius for each null. A group or groups are required and the group ID order must match the Deformers ID order. [..] An update on pb_EnvelopeByRadius since I was feeling the need for more options per null. Also one to use with single Weights. Compounds and script attached. The script can be very slow to run (no idea why) and should be applied without the compound inputs and outputs being connected.

Video demo for the current update as well as for the initial release.

local backup: pb_EnvelopeByDistance.xsicompound EnvelopeCPsets_1.0.pys (init script)
pb_WeightByDistanceAuthor: Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos
A simple version of the pb_EnvelopeByDistance script above outputting to a single weightmap instead of to an envelope map.

local backup: pb_CopiesOnTarget.xsicompound

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Post by probiner » 13 Jan 2014, 18:19

Was looking for a way to get envelope's weights with radial falloff and sometimes not centered on the deformer. ICE was the solution.
Compound Attached.

The group ID on the different groups must be the same for each sub-hierarchy, otherwise there will be a mismatch between the EnvelopeWeightsPerDeformer and correct weight/deformer pair.


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Re: pb_EnvelopeByRadius

Post by rray » 14 Jan 2014, 10:52

Thank you for sharing. It's good to have different algorithms for doing the initial weighting.
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