ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

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ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

Post by OzAdi » 02 Feb 2015, 12:06


I am trying to build a small tool with ICE, to automatically detect the frames each foot needs to be pinned to the floor, and keep it from sliding (when you have a sloppy animation of a walk cycle for example)
Currently I managed to do a Boolean On\Off position constraint, it works pretty nice, but it has many limitations, and I've only tested it on a couple of animations on a GEAR Rig. (the foot controller needs to be on local zero Y to be detected)

What I wish to achieve next, is the ability to blend out the constraint over a pre determined span of frames (3 or 4 at the moment), and not have it cut off in one frame as it is happening now. This is where I currently hit a small wall :) I am not the greatest ICE "programmer", so if anyone has an idea, and cares to help, it would be great..

for path translation, I'll need to add foot orientation constraint as well, or somehow switch the rotation pivot of the foot to the front "toes" controller GEAR rigs has.. but that's later :)

You can download the 2015Sp1 scene and\or compounds that should work in earlier versions in the vimeo link.

Is it possible at all to blend the constraint over a number of frames within ICE?
I've played around with linear interpolation but for some reason could not get any result with it.. it just pops as a Boolean switch..

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Re: ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

Post by owei » 02 Feb 2015, 16:06

Hey OzAdi!

Great idea and thanks for sharing! Will be handy !


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Re: ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

Post by Draise » 02 Feb 2015, 19:53

Maybe put in a scalar interpolation (instead of a boolean) in there?

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Re: ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

Post by OzAdi » 03 Feb 2015, 12:45

Thanks guys :)

this is a very basic humble start.. it has problems, I wouldn't consider it a finished tool of course.

I have done some progress with blending out the constraint over a period of time, it's a personal project, so I need some free time at work to make it work properly,
and I don't have much of it, hehe :)

I'll update when there's something new.

Oz :)

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Re: ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

Post by Tekano » 03 Feb 2015, 15:03

Maybe you can use distance from centre stride pivot and a change range to drive the constraints weight rather than a timer and a boolean switch

and just rereading your question - you can set up a timer event - use a 'start timer' set it 4 frames and use 'test timer' to get an elapsed ratio of 0 - 1 instead of a boolean value. this can be set to be re-used again and again , mainly its for state machine stuff but could be uselful for this kind of thing
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Re: ICE Prevent feet sliding tool

Post by OzAdi » 03 Feb 2015, 15:37

Thanks Tekano,

Actually I built my own timer this morning.. only then I realized there's already a timer that comes with Soft ;)
I haven't tested the factory timer nodes yet, but after you suggested using them, I sure will try them out, my timer is pretty simple.

distance from center stride is actually a good idea too, I might use it to detect when to start blending out the constraint.

Thanks again :)