align on geometry or curve

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align on geometry or curve

Post by nicole » 19 Jul 2019, 02:46


i am posting here as well as people are busy on the facebook softimage group and cannot answer probably there.

i am aiming at randomizing the size, the orientation, the color of several copies of a polymesh geometry

i aim at aligning these multiples copies on in this picture the "nurbs" called "pinch_level_one" as in this picture:
on facebook the moderator did advise me to use a polymesh instead than the nurbs used in this picture.

this was done.
but remains the problem that the attribute "point position" on the "get" of the object on which to align the copies,
seems not enough : the copies do not align on the "pinch_level_one" mesh. instead, as appear as well on the attached picture, they
move only in relation to the orientation and position of the original "empty" used to create the whole ice tree. this means they don't align well enough. i don't have enough "control" on the way the copies align and behave.

by the way, my reference was the autodesk "generating a forest with ICE modeling"
i just replicated the compound found in this scene, and changed the geometries entrances.
there indeed the grid points received each a copy. as i wish the copies in my scene would align on the points of the "pinch_level_one" ex.nurbs/modified/into/a/polymesh.
it does not work in my scene with new geometries, i don't understand why.

thanks for any idea. should i add or modify a few nodes? which ones?
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Re: align on geometry or curve

Post by nicole » 20 Jul 2019, 15:02

the solution was: align the empty (ice tree) onto the object curve or geometry that shall order the copies,
here it was : align the empty on the "pinch level one" object. and parent it (because result is animated). i have used a simple nurbs curve
because there are less points in a curve than in a polymesh.

thanks for reading.