A really stupid question about dampening

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A really stupid question about dampening

Post by evengi » 15 May 2018, 16:14

Hi Lagoa supernerds, I need some help. :-\

I'm trying to achieve the dirt pile effect, but my particles seem to have to much energy.
I've got an alembic cache of hands digginng in the dirt.
I'm new to ICE, but I am a Maya veteran.

I'm emitting from a locator Box, and I'm emitting only once, I've Attached an image, I also have two clission Objects.
I've tried various substep and inelastic steps, but without any better result. I've gotten worce result at higher substep rates.
The particles are not able to rest, they keep jumping, this is before any collisiion with my alembic cache hands.
When the hand start stiring the soil, a few of the particles slingshot away.

Last attempt had 32 substeps, and 4 inelastic steps.

Is there any exsisting dirt simulations I could copy or do You have any advice on how to rest the particles?
I'm sure theres an obvious fix to this, something I overlooked.

Image link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/2btwdqaopo87q ... g.png?dl=0

Roger Gihlemoen