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Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 01 Oct 2017, 20:27
by rray

Please use this thread to suggest plugins that could be added to the si-community resource section (formerly know as

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 03 Oct 2017, 22:21
by FXDude
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(google translated)
May 4 th, 2017 (Thur)

Floating camera view-like.

When I was working, I wanted it intensely, and I wrote it.


Code: Select all

//   Floating camera view-like.
//   Please select the camera and execute it.
var olayout = Application.Desktop.ActiveLayout;
var oView = olayout.CreateView ("Object View", selection (0) .FullName);
oView.SetAttributeValue ("camera", selection (0) .FullName);
oView.SetAttributeValue ("displayall", "true");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("autoalign", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("autoframe", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("compensate", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("holdselection", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("localview", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("lockstatus", "true");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("modifycameras", "true");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("rotatecomp", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("scalecomp", "false");
oView.SetAttributeValue ("translatecomp", "false");

That is it.
Another one that I want to put out in camera view, floating .

What I am doing is getting one object view down and just fiddling with various settings. Until now I've done it all by hand from the point of viewing the object view, but since I was troubled, I just wrote it in a script.

It seems like a simple copy of camera view, so I think that it can be used just like ABCD view normally. It's floating so you can put it anywhere on the monitor, and the point is that the size is free too .

Recently, it is impossible to operate anything in the traditional quadrant screen. It is too small. So it's common to work in full screen, or about 2 divisions in one view, but the last output camera is not easy to see. Especially when you are trying to produce an image with a very long landscape or a huge aspect, you will want more freedom in the placement and size of the camera view. That's why I try to make it a floating window.

Mr. Cinny who was at Softimage company in the past gave out this plugin. It's called Viewport Controls. Different. It's very convenient but there are too many menu items and it gets enlarged, there is a memory that seems to uninstall it as it is already ... It's a story ten years ago.

By the way, at Maya, there are functions like this script from the beginning. There is Tear Off Copy on the panel, so you can detach anything in camera view and make it floating.

By the way, I've recently forgotten how to write XSI scripts intensely, and I have difficulty with it. I wrote this in 2 minutes, but it seems like tears come out.

The speed of writing Python and MEL until Maya has gone up, but it is still mota motto.
If you feel something inconvenient, Maya wants to do scribbling scripts and training applications for me. Just as I have done with XSI. The room for customization seems to be much bigger for Maya, so the undeveloped area is vast. It seems that you can also remodel Magician.

But, for example, like mouse drag operability and selection of things, Maya is like Maya, so no matter how you customize it, that does not change. Mum, please, Mr. Maya.

And what I'm writing about this script,
I still have to be active.

It is currently being broadcasted by XSI Mr. wife.

Hailheil XSI.

Go tooo Hell Maya.

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 02:12
by FXDude
I found it when searching for a way to do exactly that, and ended-up finding exactly that :)

there's a bunch of other stuff that he posted since last time I saw his blog.. always with funny (and sometimes a bit perverse) comments :)

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 02:17
by FXDude
Not everything is completely horrible in Maya, and this is one of those not completely horrible things :)
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Select multiple objects and execute.
The last object chosen is the parent.
It is Maya's style.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Code: Select all

//   Mr. Maya -sama parent of tears.
var o Sels = Filter X 3 D (Selection);
var oNewParent = oSels (oSels.count - 1);
For (var i = 0; i <oSels.count - 1; i ++) ParentObj (oNewParent, oSels (i));
function FilterX3D (in_Objs)
  var oCol = XSIFactory.CreateObject ('XSI.Collection');
  for (var i = 0; i <in_Objs.count; i ++)
  if (in_Objs (i) .IsClassOf (siX3DObjectID)) oCol.Add (in_Objs (i));
  return oCol;
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 03:03
by FXDude
Replaced obscene variable names with more representative variable names that wont trigger sensor alarms lol
Opportunity Schematic.

In the schematic view, I often do a node folded state, but it is troublesome when developing it. Especially if you get data from people.

There is a shortcut called N key , but it is assumed that the node is selected first before pressing the key.
Folded nodes scattered here and there. Because I am further folded in the folded lower layer.
It is a story that I do not want to choose even if I know how to select where I'm folding where I am folded .

For example, it seems to be cool and looks like this ......,

With such a tree, if the places are folded here, you surely will be out of hand. I shoot all the opponents and gora and monitor from the window.

It seems that it was the situation that .... I also have a lot. It is quite common.


Code: Select all

  // Opportunity Schematic ver 2

var oViews = Desktop.ActiveLayout.Views;

 // Search dock view -> search floating view -> make it otherwise > var o FuckinSchematicView = oViews.Filter ("View Manager") (0). Views.Filter ("Schematic") (0);
var oSchematicView = oViews.Filter( "View Manager" )(0).Views.Filter( "Schematic" )(0);
if ( !oSchematicView ) {
	oSchematicView = oViews.Filter( "Schematic" )(0);
	if ( !oSchematicView ) var oSchematicView = Desktop.ActiveLayout.CreateView( "Schematic", "Opportunity Schematic" );

var oNodes = oSchematicView.SelectedNodes; // selected node
if ( oNodes.count == 0 ) oNodes = oSchematicView.Nodes; // all nodes

for ( var i=0; i<oNodes.count; i++ ) ExpandNode( oNodes(i) );

function ExpandNode(oRecursiveNode){	//	It seems to be recursive
	oRecursiveNode.Expanded = true; // Opportunity
	for ( var i=0; i<oRecursiveNode.Nodes.count; i++ ) ExpandNode( oRecursiveNode.Nodes(i) );

If you do not select anything, all the schematic nodes in the scene will be expanded.
In other words, nodes in the collapsed state disappear.

If you choose something, everything below the hierarchy of the selected object will be expanded. That's it. that's all.

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 03:48
by FXDude
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I was looking for something like this not so long ago.. (really useful!)

This and this_model .
It's about expressions.

If you create an expression by dragging and dropping it on the PPG, the full name of the object will be included even in the part that can be described with this or this_model.

I wanted a tool to replace it with this and this_model with an icicle, but since it probably will not exist, I wrote it suddenly.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------

Code: Select all

// ( all script comments google translated below  )

// Replace absolute references to self and containing model with  "this." and  "this_model."
 // Select an object with an expression and execute it.  

// Replace the parts you can replace with  this  and  this_model . 
// Get Expression Driven Parameters 
 // Obtain an object that is the owner of that parameter 
 // Always filter on Expression as it is already filtered by Expression 
 // this gets the contents of Expression with this and next 
 // this var 
 // this_model 
 //	これ。このModel。 this. this Model.
//	エクスプレッションのあるオブジェクトを選んで実行。 
//	this や this_model に置換できる部分を置換

OpenUndo( "これ。このModel。" );
var oObjects = Selection;
for ( var i=0; i<oObjects.count; i++ )
	var oObj = oObjects(i);
	var oAnimParams = oObj.NodeAnimatedParameters(siExpressionSource);//Expression駆動のパラメータ取得
	for ( var j=0; j<oAnimParams.count; j++)
		var oParam = oAnimParams(j);
		Hage( oParam );

function Hage( oParam )
	var oObject = oParam.Parent3DObject;	//そのパラメータの所有者であるオブジェクト取得
	var oExpr = oParam.Source;	//Expression駆動で既にフィルタ済みなのでSourceで必ず Expression オブジェクトが取得される
	var oDefinitionParam = oExpr.Parameters( "Definition" );//なんか知らんがこれと次の1行でExpressionの中身を取得
	ExprDif = oDefinitionParam.Value;

	//	this
	var RE1 = new RegExp( oObject.FullName, "gi" );
	NewExprDif1 = ExprDif.replace( RE1, "this" );

	//	this_model
	var oModel = oObject.Model;
	var RE2 = new RegExp( oModel.Name, "gi" );
	NewExprDif2 = NewExprDif1.replace( RE2, "this_model" );

	if ( ExprDif.toLowerCase() != NewExprDif2.toLowerCase() )
		oDefinitionParam.Value = NewExprDif2;
		Result = oDefinitionParam.Value;
		if ( ExprDif.toLowerCase() == Result.toLowerCase() ) Logmessage( "なぜか変わってねえっス : " + oParam.Fullname, siWarning );
			Logmessage( "置換しますた。 : " + oParam.Fullname );
			Logmessage( "	" + ExprDif  + " --> " + NewExprDif2 );
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
Download this script (right click and save) Korekonomodel Really, that's it.

I wonder if this can be incorporated into the EKC . I mean I do not maintain EKC for many years.

There should have been various troubles. I want to rewrite it to something more simple. None of the tools I wrote in the past was uselessly complicated and it came not to fit my current workflow. Even 2008. Oh my good old days.

By the way, when such a small tool gets buried, it gets gradually melted into my workflow, and the efficiency gets better.

It often happens that the flow changes to a convenient way to use the tool, and in some cases there are things that can be overwhelmed by the head.

Well it is, in my case, I like the flow that I do not care about small things at first, scatter them, and arrange them cleaner later. I feel I often write tools for that.

This tool is also an idea to write expressions without thinking at all for the moment and let the parts that can be replaced later with this later be done automatically. It's hot everyday.

Tomorrow we will meet with XSI people in small numbers and get power. Drink beer with Gentaro. .

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 11:48
by rray
Thanks for the submissions so far ! I've edited the posts (or the post) to keep track of what I already added.

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 17:51
by rray
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Quake3 MD3 Exporter: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6785
NoIcon 2.0 viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6787
emTools compound list for search

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 11 Jan 2018, 17:59
by BenR
Is it possible to update my HDRLS addon on the resource page? The new version is here.

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 11 Jan 2018, 21:19
by rray
Yes - updated now

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 12 Jan 2018, 03:30
by BenR
Thank you!

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 13 Mar 2018, 15:58
by Pedrito
Hi there, I have shared this on other post but maybe here is the place so you can add it to the resources if you want.

Is a plugin that allows to dynamically create curves from ICE data, a sample scene is provided, it allows linear and cubic curves, open and closed, and also subcurves, so create curves from strands for example is as easy as plug an "build array from set" of the strandpositions, and a "build array from set" of the strand count...

I have allways fight with the creation of curves from ICE since is not possible at all natively, so I ended creating this plugin some time ago.

Hope someone find useful :)

Theese compounds are also provided:

PC_Archimedean Spirals--> different types of spirals
PC_Curve By Nulls--> uses a group of transforms to create a curve
PC_Loxodrome--> creates a loxodrome spiral with parameters
PC_Spiral Points--> very basic Spiral

Re: Suggest a plugin here

Posted: 05 Jun 2018, 14:29
by rray

todo: sycles update, pin points plugin, Opportunity Schematic, Parent script