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whXsiSuiteAuthor: Wolfgang Hurst
Wolfgang combined all of his plugins into one big plugin.

whNeuralNetwork: creates network like connections between particles which get thinner in areas of low particle density. User configurable with a custom parameter set (Note: wrong settings can lead to long calculation times) whFacade: Formerly known as whWall. This lets you create detailed house walls. The walls, holes and frames including the glass polygons are generated procedurally based on user defined parameters. Includes the option to duplicate the result on all four sides, in which case you can setup further variations of the user defined parameters. Finally you can create polygon clusters for the elements, allowing you to select groups like all frames on the right side, or other element groups. whCogwheel: Formerly known whGear. Procedurally create gears. Dozens of parameters accessible from a property page allow to configure all thinkable aspects of the created gear. video demonstration is available. whPointGrid: Voxelizes a mesh

Also have a look at Wolfgang's whNvInfo tool which allows you to monitor the temperature / load of several available NVidia cards.

local backup:whXsiSuite-20170708-123321.zip

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Post by whurst » 08 Jul 2017, 20:03

Hello dear XSI Users,

well today i published my "new" whXsiSuite plugin. This Plugin was 99,95% finish last year 5 minutes before Übertage, but then i had a small problem and after Übertage is simply forgot (because frustrated) the plugin ... lol ... Last week i renew my website and i notice this plugin ... hahaha ... so here we go ...

whWall and whGear (Redux)
whXsiSuite contains two of my old plugins whGear and whWall with another name to avoid conflicts. Now just calles whFacade and whCogwheel


whNeuralNetwork can create neural networks with particles. It varies the size of particles in relation of neighborhood. So you get nice "neural" object or an opposite filament effect. I had publish a beta here, this is now the final version

whWriteIceCache is an ICE node that can write icecache files from given point positions. You can import the icecache with the regular ICE Import from XSI. The goal of this compound is that you do not need to execute the tree anymore to save the data. This could be helpful on trillion of particels

whPointGrid generates unified point grids from volumes, like lego

whMandelbrot* Some playing with generation of particels or meshes.

And some small stuff.

Plugin is for XSI 2012, but partial XSI 7.5 includes (ModTool too) and compiled 2015 version. But i could not test the 2015 version, i still not own it ...

All the above is packed in one single DLL file, so it's just one plugin. This was the reason why i remade all to have one "single" source code with an unique technic instead of 8 different projects

You can find the Download on my Website (brand new) but my Website is now in german, because of reasons. The download ist short before the screenshots start. It contains an install text, how to install it. IT DOES NOT contain any installer (sorry) you have to copy the addons directory to your user root by hand. Sorry for this.

Here the Site : https://whurst.net/2017/07/whxsisuite/

Have Fun and Keep XSI-ing

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Re: whXsiSuite

Post by gaboraa » 10 Jul 2017, 06:56

Thanks for sharing, it looks great :-bd

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Re: whXsiSuite

Post by Boiler » 10 Jul 2017, 11:16

Thanks !!! :-bd

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Re: whXsiSuite

Post by wireframex » 10 Jul 2017, 17:06

"without mastery, power is nothing" - Softimage Addict User

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Re: whXsiSuite

Post by rray » 13 Jul 2017, 22:50

Nice release indeed!

Bit of blogging :ymblushing:

Wolfgang and I had an email exchange this week trying to come up with solutions how to set attributes on particles coming from a custom compiled C++ ICE node.

Apparently it's impossible to write a custom ICE node that emits particles directly, but what can be done is write a node that outputs a point position array which can be plugged into an AddPoint node. Works great and very fast.

The issue however that comes up next is how to set data on these particles when that data comes from the same compiled ICE node?

The custom ICE node can easily output a second data array like an array of sizes along with the point positions. But AddPoint only accepts per point or per object data.

There seem to be two solutions for that..

The one used by whXsiSuite is to iterate through the point position array, call AddPoint every time and select a different value out of the size array each time using an iteration counter. This is very slow because it's single threaded but works in 100% of cases...
exploded view from the demo scene:

The other idea was to use self.id as the index to the array. This can be plugged into AddPoint because it's per point. Is very fast, but works only if the pointcloud was empty before so the self.id values would start at 0 (because it is used to index the array).
This would look like this in the scene:

What I thought might work is to use the second approach and have an offset like nBPoints + 1 to predict what base id value AddPoint will use This value could be subtracted to get the array indices and that would then work again in all cases. But what if someone uses DeletePoint before that... :-?

Is there a solution that is fast AND works in 100% of the cases?
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