ehRSCamera v1.1 released

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ehRSCameraAuthor: Emilio Hernandez (TechStudios)
updated to V1.1, information about the update can be found here — From the si-community thread: I am releasing the ehRSCamera addon v1.0 for Softimage to use with Redshift. The addon will allow you to use real camera parameters in Softimage along with the combination of RSPhotographic Exposure, RS Bokeh and Motion Blur, to get accurate real world DoF and cinematographic motion blur. These parameters are driven by the f/stop, lens focal length and shutter speed.

DoF is calculated using the lens focal length and lens apperture with very accurate results. Visual aids for focus target, near distance focus and far distance focus are visible, and change interactivly when you drive the camera parameters, or change the distance to focus to place your objects inside or outside the focal range.

A rotary shutter speed option is available as well to set the degrees of the rotary shutter. This will drive the time the shutter exposes the 'film' to light in terms of the actual frame rate, and do the math to set the Redshift motion blur parameters. A white balance option in °;K has been implemented. You can set your RS Physical Light and RS IES Light to color temperature, and have accurate white balance in the camera with no more guessing of what the RGB values should be.
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With the 1.1 update, Emilio made a video introduction available: ehRSCamera Intro. Here's a screenshot with a description/property pages.

local backup: ehRSCamera.xsiaddon ehRSCamera_UsersManual.pdf

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ehRSCamera v1.1 released

Post by Cacoman » 06 Jan 2016, 01:47

Hello I released the v1.1 of ehRSCamera addon to use with Redshift

Release notes:

Fixed Bugs

1. Plugin crashing after reopening scene FIXED
2. Camera List not displaying properly when creating camera FIXED ... -Pwea?dl=0

Tested in Softimage 2015 SP1

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Re: ehRSCamera v1.1 released

Post by Bullit » 07 Jan 2016, 10:02


Have to get that Redshift demo.

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Re: ehRSCamera v1.1 released

Post by mc_axe » 07 Jan 2016, 18:51

cool stuff, so this thread has the latest version right? We continue discussion over here? you should change also the manual version to 1.1 :)

Btw thnx for the detailed reply on the previous thread.

Just one more quick question , i noticed that i can "pan" the focus objects, (i mean it looks like pan when you look through the cam), does this have any effect in the render? Or is it there to indicate something like an imaginary spherical area?

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Re: ehRSCamera v1.1 released

Post by Cacoman » 07 Jan 2016, 19:35

I am glad you are liking it.

The focus object is actually where the focus occur, and you can blend its position with the camera interest. So you can actually do a rack focus or focus pull by animating it. By default is blended with the position of the camera interest. You can animate how much it "blends" its position with the camera interest.

I don't know if I explained my self... hahaha

Well in other words...

You can have in your scene your camera locked and change the focus from one object to another without moving the camera interest.


PS The manual is just the same. v 1.1 got two major bug fixes that were preventing the plugin from working in latest Softimage versions.
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