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Re: SoftimageGarage|HairDew1.0

Post by nicole » 27 May 2019, 02:30

nicole wrote:
25 May 2019, 23:53

i wish to do the following from HairDew MR 1.0

1) change the emitter object : it seems more complex than just pick the object. do you have to build a new emission? (i want to emit from a couple polygons on a new object)

2) like in the example video above i wish i knew how to use the many strands for about 50 extruded meshes

3) each mesh of a different hue, with gradation, of the mesh, example for mesh x : the tip red, the middle yellow and the root green, mesh y, tip purple, root orange, etc

thank you for anybody reading this capable to help!

some help?
i try to understand the logic. i try to reproduce the logic in the video.
i need to use a T-Pose mesh and place it in the explorer below the base input group?
then when i select the polygons from which i want the hair to grow i go in the "initialize hair dew " window but cannot
understand: the clone is the one which will get the hair ????