how to customize

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how to customize

Post by adeebalm » 26 Jan 2019, 07:56

hi every one i am looking for how to change every time when open softimage from wireframe to shaded and headlight auto when opening

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Re: how to customize

Post by whurst » 26 Jan 2019, 10:05

You can do this with a plugin from ShaderOP ... index.html

Also in the SI resources(search for Default Display) ... sPlugin.js

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Re: how to customize

Post by myara » 26 Jan 2019, 18:21

You’ll have to create a Plugin with an event.
For doing that, is not that difficult, you only need an extremely basic level of scripting knowledge.
I’m writing from my cellphone right now but I’ll write you an example when I go to my office on monday.
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Re: how to customize

Post by myara » 29 Jan 2019, 08:56

This is a plugin I wrote a long time ago when I used to write in VBS.

It has 3 events,
On Start up (on Softimage start up)
On End New Scene Open (after a new scene has been opened)

You could add more events like siOnEndSceneOpenEvent for being executated after an Scene has been opened.

Just put the code you want into the part you want to. For this you could just copy & paste from the log (be sure to put it in VBS) and modify it as you like.

Then put this code into a file with a .vbs extension and save it in your Plugins directory
ex: C:\Users\myara\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_SP1\Application\Plugins

Code: Select all

function XSILoadPlugin( in_reg )
    in_reg.Author = "myara"
    in_reg.Name = "NewEvent Plug-in"
    in_reg.Major = 1
    in_reg.Minor = 0

    in_reg.RegisterEvent "siOnEndNewSceneEvent",siOnEndNewScene
    in_reg.RegisterEvent "siOnStartupEvent",siOnStartup
    in_reg.RegisterEvent "siOnEndSceneOpenEvent",siOnEndSceneOpen

    XSILoadPlugin = true
end function

function XSIUnloadPlugin( in_reg )
    dim strPluginName
    strPluginName = in_reg.Name
    Application.LogMessage strPluginName & " has been unloaded.",siVerbose
    XSIUnloadPlugin = true
end function

' Callback for the siOnEndNewSceneEvent event.
function siOnEndNewSceneEvent_OnEvent( in_ctxt )
    Application.LogMessage "siOnEndNewSceneEvent_OnEvent called",siVerbose

    'Suspend Drawing to make changes on the Viewport
    set vw = Desktop.ActiveLayout.Views.Find ("View Manager")
    vw.setattributevalue "suspenddrawing","true"
    'Set B View camera : User, Turn on Scene Info & Selection Info on Cam B, change to shaded view
    vw.setattributevalue "activecamera:b","User"
    SetValue "Views.ViewB.*.camvis.sceneinfo", 1
    SetValue "Views.ViewB.*.camvis.selectioninfo", 1
    SetDisplayMode "Views.ViewB.UserCamera", "shaded"
    SetValue "Views.ViewA.*.camvis.constructionlevel", false
    SetValue "Views.ViewC.*.camvis.constructionlevel", false
    SetValue "Views.ViewD.*.camvis.constructionlevel", false

    'Put Back Drawing
    siOnEndNewSceneEvent_OnEvent = true
end function

' Callback for the siOnStartupEvent event.
function siOnStartupEvent_OnEvent( in_ctxt )
    Application.LogMessage "siOnStartupEvent_OnEvent called",siVerbose

    ' Run siOnEndNewSceneEvent_OnEvent
    call siOnEndNewSceneEvent_OnEvent( in_ctxt )

    siOnStartupEvent_OnEvent = true
end function
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Re: how to customize

Post by luceric » 31 Jan 2019, 05:14

you can set a default scene for Softimage ... tings.html

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Re: how to customize

Post by bluetish99 » 18 May 2019, 22:33

For the headlight, you can go File>Preferences>Display>Display Options> check "Enable View Head Light for New Scenes" :)