redshift volume grid animation

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redshift volume grid animation

Post by Maximus » 04 Jun 2019, 13:04

hey guys im getting really confused about something here.

i have created a vdb animationi sequence in emfluid and i want to import it to render trough redshift.

i created a Redshift Vollume Grid object, in which file name i pick the first frame of the exported .vdb sequence named Frame_003.vdb

after i assign the channels based on the grid it renders fine on the first frame, but when i move the timeline it never renders anything but frame 003.
How do i enable on the volume grid to read/render each .vdb file in the sequence?


also from the docs:

"The Volume Object Settings

Override Frame/Frame
When a [Frame] tag is present in the volume grid's filename, Override Frame controls how the tag is resolved. With Override Frame off, the [Frame] tag resolves to the current frame. With Override Frame on, the [Frame] tag is replaced by the value of the Frame parameter. The Frame parameter can be animated or driven by expressions. Note that the [Frame] tag can also specify a padding amount (number of leading zeros for the frame number) by using the form [Frame #Padding], where padding is a digit (note the space between 'Frame' and '#'). For example, to specify a frame padding of 4, you would use the tag [Frame #4]."

this is extremely confusing to me..

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Re: redshift volume grid animation

Post by Toonafish » 06 Jun 2019, 09:11

From the top of my head; shouldn't the sequence name be something else then " XXX_003.vdb " to indicate t's a sequence and not a single frame ?

I suspect something like "XXX_(003..100;4).vdb"



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Re: redshift volume grid animation

Post by Boiler » 12 Jun 2019, 17:34

in your case - \Frame_####.vdb